Why start a blog?

Why start a blog?

I never thought I’d be the type of person to start a blog. I was one of the last holdouts among my friends to get a smart phone (and this was only after I moved abroad in 2012 and it seemed like the practical thing to have in case of emergency). I don’t use WhatsApp, and I don’t have a personal Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest account. So why a blog?

In December 2015, on vacation in Sri Lanka for two weeks, I had just finished taking an online class for the fall that had filled up the last of my free time, and I wanted to actively pursue something I enjoyed to take its place.

Sri Lanka Galle sunset

So in the serene surroundings, I started thinking, when I have extra time on my hands during a typical week, what do I do for fun? What activity do I do regularly that gives me a lot of enjoyment? What task do I get so caught up in that I lose track of time and the world around me? And for me that is the excitement of preparing for travel. (I don’t *do* any travelling during a typical week, but I certainly can plan a weekend trip during a typical week.)

It is that trip planning and those experiences that I’ll be sharing with you on my blog. I do a lot of research from a variety of sources – and then condense everything into a list of places to see, things to do, and foods to eat for a particular travel destination based on my time there.

It’s like recommendations from your most travel-savvy friend. Of course, I’ll only share sights that wowed me on my visit or places I enjoyed eating, and hope the information here helps you have an even-better next travel experience!


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